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Updated roulette tables for v22.19.56. Mission Information Location: Bounty Hunter's Guild Frequency: 5/day Participants: 1 Duration: 10 minutes Entry Cost: None Requirement: None The first time you do this mission, it will be Round 1. Each time you clear the mission, the round number goes up by +1.

Jul 5, 2014 Updated roulette tables for v22.19.56. Mission Information Location: Bounty Hunter's Guild Frequency: 5/day. Participants: 1. Duration: 10 

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting, 81.53%, 6,996, 126, 1,226. HEX: Shards of Fate, 61.86 Granado Espada, 56.74%, 5,740, 1,936, 2,620. ULTIMATE King's Bounty: Legions, 51.98%, 1,990, 95, 1,552 Bullet Roulette VR, 80.32%, 814, 0, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Percival - Naranca (Croatia) Mobius Final Fantasy Gail Carrigo -Roulette of Destiny (8bit Arrange) Another Eden - Stand Against the 53 Minutes Granado Espada - Rapal renamed from Granado Espada - Pap Characters/Star Wars Bounty Hunters And Mercenaries · Characters/Star Literature/Cretaceous Roulette · Literature/Criers VideoGame/Granado Espada Posted on กันยายน 7, 2011 Posted in: Granado Espada, Online Games. 4,461 views ระบบแลกของ รางวัล Castilla – Roulette ปรับระบบ Bounty Hunter Guild.

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The Bounty Hunter's Guild can be accessed from all major towns. The Bounty Hunter's Guild serves as alternative "free" EXP-grind location to the Premium Dungeons. The Bounty Hunter missions have strict level range restrictions and entry requires various amount of Family Reputation or items (Lump of Silver or Lump of Platinum, which are

Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild (Hard) missions. Boss drops 4-10 Pure Gold Bars, and has 20% chance to drop 1 White Gold Bar. Three bosses drop Extra Tokens. Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette. - Bounty Hunter Guild Changes - The ‘Token – Bounty Hunter Guild’ item can no longer be traded or discarded. - ‘Token Merchant – Cash Item’ will change as follows: - Will no longer sell ‘Pet Food’, ‘Invisible Potion’, ‘Valkyrie Crusher [Grand Master]’, ‘Event Soul Crystal’ or ‘Reinforced Enchant Stabilizer’.